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's ambassador to talk more about u.s. assistance. >> the in parts of japan hit by an earthquake flattened by a tsunami a third risk now looms. fears of nuclear meltdown. >> this evacuee says that most frightening thing. nobody really knows what is happening. but signs what is happening at fukushima daiichi are not good. all four reactors have issues including three explosions. radioactive material could be leaking from the base of the reactor. the leaked radiation level is rather high. >> now we are talking about levels that can impact human health. i would like all of you to take this information calmly. >> keep inside the work places or houses. >> they echoed the warnings affecting more than 140,000 people within a 12 mile radius. 70,000 have already evacuated. they are checking people to see if they have been exposed to radiation. >> this woman says i worry very much about radiation. i don't know what to do. even in tokyo, there are reports of slightly higher radiation levels but they say the levels are too small to threaten people there. hillary clinton met with the foreign minister w
. >> and for us, san mateo bridge, traffic is fine, 101, you may encounter showers through san mateo but it's looking good also on the peninsula right now. >>> this morning, san francisco police are looking for the gunman behind a shooting in the mission district. this shooting wounded five people. janelle wang is live with more. >> i'm here on 16th and valencia you can see remnants of the violence. there were bullet here at the club and broken glass over here at the very popular pancho via. the shooting happened after 11:00 last night. when police arrived they found five people shot. all five were transported to the hospital. four have none life-threatening injuries but a fifth person has critical injuries. police are looking for a getaway car but they do not have a description of that car. there has been a string of violence in mission district with report of five shootings in the past month. much of sit gangs violence between two gangs. just this week guardian angels patrolled the streets. they are a national group of volunteers who patrol neighborhoods to try increase public safety. san
attention because amy says this is engineer eye candy and you're an engineer so thanks for joining us. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. let's talk about that eye candy, a major milestone in the building of the bay bridge achieved this morning ahead of schedule and that's literally a tall order. amy hollyfield is live on treasure island to show us this centerpiece in all its glory. >> fun to look at. grab your coffee and just take it in. it's enormous and making history. it's tall, 480 feet tall. now you can easily see that it's 91 feet taller than the current bridge which, you know, we always thought was large but now it looks kind of small next to our new tower. they started this operation monday at 5:00 in the morning and worked around the clock all week long. only 11 people were on this project. a huge project for them and they're very proud of the fact they got it done without any problems and a little ahead of their schedule. they thought they were working today but instead they earn rest and a long weekend. they're feeling really good about their progress on this bridge. >> as
business. >> can't deliver everybody every day. we tell them it's killing us as far as the prices. >> now, the government's thinking about capping the oil reserves to stabilize prices but there's been no decision made on that but this could influence the decision. oil prices this morning now over $1.06 a barrel up from $1.04 on friday. so the price of oil showing no signs of backing off, at least not yet. and every time the price per barrel jumps, there seems to be a correlation what's going on here at the pump, exactly what people who drive for a living can't afford. terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. >> terry, thanks a lot. san francisco begins a new permit process. the popular food trucks. but not everyone is jumping on the food wagon. >> kristen, there's actually a little disappointment. there's about 15 people waiting in this line and some here are questioning whether they really needed to camp out all weekend in the rain and the cold. but this is the first opportunity to get new permits for food trucks and they're going to be a lot cheaper. it used to cost $10,000 to get one. it used to b
livermore. we'll have details coming up. >> good thursday morning. thank you so much for joining us on this chilly start of the day. i'm eric thomas. >> and i'm kristen sze. >> japanese officials say they have finished a new power line that could restore cooling systems and ease the crisis at the crippled nuclear complex. for a while military helicopters dumped loads of sea water to try to cool the you a rain yum fuel but that that has now been suspended because of a spike in radiation levels. meanwhile, there are reports of increasing tension between the u.s. and japan over how the reactor crisis is being handled. the state department is now sending charter planes to help bring back american citizens who want to leave and advising americans to stay at least 50 miles from the power plant. >> with japan's fukushima daiichi plant crippled on the ground, desperate efforts are coming from the air. helicopters dumping sea water into the holes of the roof hoping to could cool it enough to prevent a nuclear meltdown. they say there is talk of apocalypse and i think that word is well chosen
for joining us. i'm carolyn tyler. you're waking up to some wet weather. let's check in for christine hanson. >> good morning, carolyn. as you noticed, light rain overnight. most of that started late yesterday afternoon in the north bay. heavier rain now moving through the central bay area. let's take a closer look at that. you can see most of it right along interstate 80, first of all, and then 580 over the hills and off towards 680 another colder system beginning to move in along the coast. there are winter storm advisories in effect for tahoe and we'll tell you how long this rain is gonna last. a bit of air behind it. will it last into the work week? complete forecast just ahead. >> thank you, christine. the roads are slick this morning but not as cold as last weekend when black ice was a big problem for drivers. the chp in contra costa is investigating a fatal crash that involves at least five cars south of camino diablo. it happened just after midnight. the investigation kept the road closed until about two hours ago. investigators say one person died at the scene, another had suffered
as the former oakland a's slugger takes the stand to say that he used steroids and got it from the same guy as barry bonds. >> pretty mild this morning but this afternoon the warming trend continues and it may not stop in until we reach record high temperatures tomorrow and thursday. >> good morning. following a sig alert in hayward after a big rig slammed into a guardrail on the nimitz. >> eric: thank you for waking up and joining us. i'm eric thomas. >> kristen: i'm kristen sze. eight families are out of the east bay. authorities yellow-tagged more homes yesterday warning of deadly danger from a potential collapse. amy hollyfield is live in hercules with the latest. >> reporter: the residents who were yellow-tagged are worried about security. they are hoping that police will keep an eye on the neighborhood and their homes. all the security in the world can't protect them from this hillside. it is huge and it is coming down. residents of the heights subdivision say it slipped about ten feet during this weekend's storm. four homes were yellow-tagged yesterday afternoon meaning they can't sl
sonoma county is going to hold. most of us will miss out on it during the morning commute but we'll definitely have it during the lunch hour and early afternoon hours. your coolest, mid to upper 50s where everybody else will be in the low to possibly mid-60s. don't think we'll see any rain around the monterey bay where a few sprinkles possible 6:12 tonight. the pollen is high, both tree and grass. once we get to 7:00, the rain has washed out. high pressure moves in and we have sunshine for friday and saturday and then we have some rain sunday into monday and another chance on wednesday. that's your 7-day forecast. here's more news with kristen and eric. >> thanks a lot. it's 6:09. >> just ahead, the drug used by many expectant mothers about to go from $15 a dose to $1500. >> plus the hi-tech tool that could be the key to ending cyber [ female announcer ] we make it little and black. you make it flirty and fun. we make it floral. you make it bloom. we make it fitted. striped. polka dot. casual. flowy. you make it amazing. with hundreds of designers at jcpenney you can find a look
. a little breezy and chilly. thanks for joining us. i'm eric thomas. >> and we'll be upbeat despite the pain at the pump. topping $4 a gallon in some areas and it's not even spring yet. abc 7's terry mcsweeney is live in san francisco with a look what's causing the price spike. >> i'm here at shell gas station off 101 in south san francisco. the price of a gallon of regular gas here, $3.89 which is pretty darn high but it's 5 cents per gallon less than the average in the city of san francisco. let's take a look at the pictures we have for you this morning. the price hike of 33 cents per gallon over the past two weeks is the second biggest ever, right behind what happened after hurricane "katrina." the national average $3.51 against san francisco $3.94. the white house says in order to stabilize prices it is considering tapping into the emergency oil reserves. people who are just tired it have dipping further into their bank accounts like justin of pacifica say just do it. >> whatever it is, i just hope our government is able to resolve the problem and be able to regulate our gas prices so th
to the nuclear reactor at fukushima daiichi poses a substantial risk to people nearby. >> u.s. pledged medical and humanitarian support. >> we are working aggressively to support our japanese ally in this time of explored charge, search and rescue teams are on the ground to help recovery efforts. we have flown hundreds of rescue mission and distributed water and food to the japanese people. >>> and in new fallout from the investigation into the contra costa drug task force. district attorney's office now says it will dismiss about dozen cases involving arrests made by norman welch the former head of the task force, they are facing challengers of selling drugs they stole from drug task force seizures. contra costa public defender is calling the d.a.'s office to remove itself from the case. >>> jurors in barry bonldz trial won't get to hear some of the most dramatic evidence when the trial starts on monday. a federal judge has thrown out voicemail of bonds' former mistress. prosecutors hoped to use the voice mails who they said are profane and threatening and are the result of bonds' steroid use
of dangerous levels of radiation from japan would ever make it to the u.s. >> despite all the assurance we won't see high radiation levels. health stores have seen a run on potassium iodide pills and alternative remedies that are prescribed for radiation exposure. it helps block the thyroid gland from absorbing radiation. but if it's misused it can be harmful. virtually every store that carried the pills were sold out and on ebay they are going for as much as 5 haunted bottle. -- $500 a bottle. >>> it in l fluctuate in intense but definitely be out there during the morning commute and maybe up to the lunch hour but the evening commuting on to be okay. -- but the evening commute ought to be okay. >> and ponding on the road from last night. you can see the definite drying trend, as we look upstream to the north and west and look at all the snow in the sierra, a lot of fresh powder but a lot of problems up there. temperatures this morning running about one to three degrees cooler than this time yesterday. what is it right now? how about low to mid-50s, still pretty mild. by the afternoon hours, n
say the current levels of radiation in japan don't pose a threat to people in the u.s. health stores and drugstores have seen a sudden run on potassium iodide pills and kelp that is natural source. it can help the blocking of thyroid gland from absorbing radiation if taken prior. >> they are expected dpoptd use sonar equipment to take a look at sunken obstacles in the harbor. they have pulled seven sunken boats and they say another 13 are there. the harbor should reopen by early next week. until then, the local fishing industry is on hold. >> they are hurting for money. it's a pretty bad situation right now. >> damage is expected to top $29 million. >> the numbers 669 mean anything to you? state regulators will introduce the new area code for santa clara county. janelle wang with a 411. >> that is exactly right. by the end of 2012 all the phone numbers using the 408 area code will be used up. so that is why they have to introduce another area code, 669 but it's hard for people because it's a habit they get used to an area code and they bond with it. we used to be all 415. then in 195
county coast because the west coast of the u.s. is also under a tsunami warning. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. well, that's our news. in just a few minutes, a tsunami is set to hit hawaii triggered by that deadly massive 8.9 massive earthquake in japan. jenelle joins us with the very latest. >> kristen, this is the largest earthquake ever recorded in japan's history and one of the largest earthquakes in the history of the world. 8.9 magnitude earthquake hit friday afternoon local time. we want to show you some video because this is the aftermath, this giant tsunami just sweeping over parts of japan wiping out entire towns, cars, rice patties. taking out roads. it's just devastating. the most devastation is hitting in the northern part of japan. that's where the epicenter hit just off the coast of sendi. that's about 200 miles north of tokyo. there's just been tons of aftershock, too, over 50 most of them. but you can see this wall of water just wiping, wiping away, destroying small towns and homes. the airport here completely destroyed. all planes going into that airport have no
on this morning. thank you so much for starting your tuesday with us. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. we have a window of calm before more rain comes to the bay area. let's check with mike. >> let's take a look at live doppler. good morning to you. we do have showers showing up. notice on the fringes of bay area. we'll start over in the east bay valleys where the rain is trying to move over the hills there and in to the central valley, altamont pass, up to oakley and brentwood. those areas are getting rain and south of livermore. some it getting rain and morgan hill and gilroy. up in the north bay things are continuing to dry. as we look moving off to the east, most of us will have a dry morning commute. if you are heading to the beaches, especially early this morning, high surf advisory until 6:00. >> good morning, starting off on 680 through contra costa county, live look at walnut creek, no delays. northbound on 680 through alamo and danville, couple lanes block for road work. south bay, 280 at 17 overcrossing, is all quiet here. earlier road work southbound 101 has been cleared. a couple
to help us get deals terry? >> he says that. see how that's gonna work. >> i'm kristen sze. thanks for joining us. >> i'm eric thomas. the huge tower is ahead of schedule. crews put up the 4th segment and worked all week because the weather has agreed with them. amy hollyfield is live on treasure island with more. amy, the big question this morning is could this distract drivers even further? >> well it is lovely eye candy, eric, i have to say. it was a flawless project and look how tall and beautiful the new tower looks over there behind me. it's a better view from here when driving across the bridge so take a minute and look at it with us. it's 480 feet tall. it's 91 feet taller than the current bridge. they finished the project at 1:20 this morning. they started this operation monday at 5:00 in the morning and worked around the clock all week. only 11 people worked on it. they did all of the work and they're very proud of the fact they got it done without any major problems and a little ahead of schedule. they thought they'd be work
been cleared. >> 5:00 a.m. on the thursday morning. thank you so much for joining us. >> i'm kristen sze. >> topping the news, japanese television is reporting the government has once again suspended water spraying on the crippled nuclear plant because of high radiation. military helicopters dumped loads of sea water to try to comb the you a resign yuam fuel and prevent a nuclear meltdown. meanwhile, the u.s. state department is sending charter planes to help bring back american citizens who want to leave and advising americans to stay at least 50 miles from the power plant. here is the latest. >> reporter: with japanese fukushima daiichi plant crippled on the ground desperate efforts are coming from the air. helicopters dumping sea water into the holes of the roof of damaged reactor number three hoping to cool it enough to prevent a nuclear meltdown. the energy commerce says there is talk of apocalypse and i think the word is well chosen. it was considered too dangerous yesterday. they said radiation levels were too high. the. >> we are reminded how american leadership is critical t
us, i'm eric thomas. >> kristen: i'm kristen sze. let's begin with storm watch. commuters are expected to be pounded by wind and hail on their way to work today. >> eric: we have seen amy hollyfield, two landslides and terry mcsweeney following the problems on the roads in the east bay but we begin with mike and the flood and wind advisories. mike, we saw how amy was getting pounded there in her shot. >> the higher elevations you are going to get hit first. you can see here live doppler, the first push of rain moving in, but notice there is a lot of green and blue with this. this is not the heaviest of the rain yet. it's still about an hour to an hour and a half away. big picture, strongest thunderstorms, thunderstorms lurking off the coast near eureka. that entire storm system is moving towards us. that is why we're dealing with conditions that are favorable for flooding. as you can see right hire, urban and small stream flood advisories until 3:00 this afternoon. we have winds that are gusting in higher elevations and along the bay shore until 2:00 the 45 mile-an-hour wi
higher than normal. thanks for joining us, i'm caroline tyler. san francisco police are investigating a fatal shooting that took place in a parking lot near a nightclub early this morning. it was just about closing time when a man was shot near club 6 on sixth street between mission and market streets. police say a friend tried to drive the man to a hospital, but got lost a few blocks away. an am ambulance took over taking the victim to a san francisco hospital where police say he later died. we have no information yet on a suspect or a motive. >> well, you know, we've had quite a spell of wet, windy weather, but it's looking dry this morning so far anyway. here's our meteorologist, lisa, with the accuweather forecast. good morning. >> good morning, caroline. take a look at our season to date so far. santa rosa with 26 inches of rain. and even san jose 100% of normal. got plenty of rainfall for the season, and we will be look at a little more coming today. live doppler 7hd shows a little rain well to the north. this is a weak system that will continue to weaken as it slides to the sou
on a scale where 7 is the equivalent of chernobyl. they are asking u.s. officials for help. military fire trucks including one borrowed from the u.s. have reportedly been able to reach the cooling pool in building 3 with some water this morning. meanwhile, more than 16,000 people have been confirmed dead or missing since the quake struck. now, the latest on the nuclear part of the crisis. >> japanese government officials are cautiously optimistic about the fukushima daiichi power plant in northern japan. they connected the cooling equipment to a diesel generator allowing them to pump sea water in. they expect to have another pump to cool another two. >> the work is continuing to put water into the power plant. at the same time, effort is going on to evaluate the results of yesterday's work. >> reporter: and the team continued operations at the facility's most troubled reactor. they doused number three with water cannons and dropped water from the air with helicopters. on thursday, president obama. >> even as responders continue to do heroic work, we know that the damage to the nuclear rea
is on the way. that's coming up. >> thanks, frances. i'm jenelle wang. thanks for joining us. the latest from japan after the earthquake and tsunami. an explosion rocked a nuclear power plant today after authorities warned of a possible reactor core meltdown. this shows the massive blast that tore down the walls of the building but a japanese government spokesman says the metal container sheltering the reactor was not affected. the pressure is decreasing but four workers are dead and there's still major concerns about the reactor leaking large amounts of radiation. the evacuation has been ordered 12 miles around the plan. the death toll is 574 and rising. nearly 600 people are missing with at least 1100 injured. rob nelson begins our coverage. >> as rescuers search frantically and fires burn out of control, explosions rock a nuclear power plant facing a possible meltdown. the crumbled remains of one building and puffs of smoke spewing out of the plant. >> this is not good news. if the containment structure has indeed collapsed, that would mean a complete exposure of the core to the outside ai
for joining us and it is wet outside. we've been seeing this pattern for days. let's check in with meteorologist elisa argen. >> that's right. my goodness, take a look. the front over the bay area right now. you can see the yellows and the reds where we have the moderate to heavy rain. here we are right across the bay, from richmond to oakland and alameda some pretty good downpours. also, west of the peninsula, another downpour expected to move into san francisco. north of highway 37. american canyon, watch out, some pretty good rain coming your way in the next 15 minutes and here we are in the south bay with a heavier cell moving through milpedas, mountainview and san jose, morgan hill you'll be getting some moderate to heavy rain and further to the south and west, the santa cruz mountains where you could pick up anywhere from an inch to an inch and a half but we will be looking at a dry rest of the day, one more weak system to go. janelle? >> thanks so much, lisa. engineers have red tagged one hillside home and a second is also in danger of collapsing as the slope slowly
for joining us. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. one of the bay area's largest school district is moving forward with seconding out 180 layoff notices after a vote last night but the mount diablo district warns cost-cutting moves may be required. >> it feels like everything is on the table. there is some discussion of possibly closing more schools. maybe starting the school year not in august or september but in october. and, of course, 180 layoff notices going out. it is what you have to consider when funding is such an uncertainty. the meeting last night, a lot of people very edgy you could say. some people flat out angry about it. some figuring out how to deal with this deficit. painful steps taken last night. the board sending out layoff notices to 28 high school teachers, 27 music teachers as well. they all may be laid off. >> there is absolutely no way to run a school district 175 days. they've already cut the permission for five days. 175 days of education on the amount of money that's left that they've cut. so i think that there will be a shell that's called education but there w
story again today. mother nature throws us a curveball. >> good morning. we've got "h" train delays, number one delays and got a downed power pole. details in the update coming up. >> eric: we're going to stay away from the baseball metaphors >> kristen: a lot of news coming your way. >> eric: san pablo will meet emergency session to officially ask for state help in dealing with a mudslide that threatens to destroy half dozen homes. amy hollyfield is live at san pablo. amy, this hill is very unstable? >> it is, eric. this is so hard for the homeowners. this family's basketball hoop has been replaced by than an enormous crane. check out the backyards. they have literally disappeared. large chunks have landed in the backyards of homes on hillcrest. three homes have been yellow-tagged. this all started last thursday when the rainstorm hit. last night the city held a private meeting with affected homeowners to talk about what is next. >> the slide repair we're estimating about $5 million. the cost of repair so that is beyond the capability of the city of san pablo. so we're reaching out
. former mistress takes the stand today to talk about smaller body parts, all tied to steroid use. >> reporter: live in san pablo where officials are hoping to keep a hill from sliding anymore so residents can try to get back to normal. >> good morning to you. looking live from emeryville. hopefully we won't see any scenes like amy just showed us. temperatures that could reach 80 this week. i'll show you where and when. >> roads are open in tahoe area and chains are required and morning monday commute. >> eric: it's 5:01. thanks for joining us, i'm eric thomas. >> kristen: and i'm kristen sze. the start of potentially embarrassing second week of perjury trial. prosecutors may put up the former mistress as early as today. terry mcsweeney is live with a preview. embarrassing may be an understatement. >> reporter: it might be, kimberly bell to get extremely personal about mr. bonds, one his testicles shrank and sexual performance declined both directly connected to steroids at the time. bonds discussed his steroid use with her and she saw his body change over time. the only way to kn
for joining us. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. it's 5:00 as kristen said. police are searching for an inmate that escaped from the jail in dublin. finding him is half the battle, finding out how he walked away from the jail is the other half. terry mcsweeney is live at the jail in dublin. terry, this is probably the quietest jailbreak we've ever heard of. >> absolutely. quiet when you just walk away from a jail but i just got done talking to an inmate who was properly released about a half hour ago or so. you have to go through a minimum of five doors that can only open if someone sees you and pushes a button to let those doors open. how did it happen? it's a really big question. take a look that the person the alameda sheriff's office is looking for. 21-year-old ishmael cessna. he was in a court hearing in fremont yesterday. about 6:00. 11:00 last night a fed check and he is nowhere to be found. sergeant j. d. nelson of the sheriff's office says cessna somehow made it to the area of the jail where inmates are released. sergeant nelson tells our media department that the sherif
for joining us. i'm kristen sze. >> good morning to you as well. i'm eric thomas. in san jose the mayor and other city officials try to stub out the uncontrolled growth of pot clubs. right now more than 100 dispensaries are operating and critics want to shut down all but a handful. amy hollyfield is live at san jose city hall. >> it sounds like san jose city leaders have reached their breaking point, eric, and they really want to rein in all these pot clubs. this city could have a higher concentration of them than any other bay area city. they're trying to figure out how to control them. according to the mercury news, mayor chuck reid and three other council members want to cut down the number of pot clubs and restrict where they can operate. they'd like to go from the 110 they currently have down to ten. the mayor is even quoted as saying i'm ready to decide. this is hearing number eight for me on this. marijuana providers at last night's meeting agree that the clubs do need to be limited but they don't think ten is enough to serve this large city. they also question how are you going
. >> frances, thank you very much. thank you for joining us on this monday morning. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. all waking up a little foggy this morning. you might be, too. it is 5:10, not 4:01. >> that's kristen sze. let's get to the news this morning. good news there for east bay bart riders. the concord station reopened an hour ago after crews worked through the night to clean up damage from a derailment yesterday. two thompson is live at concord bart. sue? >> good morning, eric. this was closed but they were able to get things back up and running for the concord station in time for what no doubt will be a busy commute. to make that happen crews had to work all through the night to get the derailment fixed. a bart train headed for sfo just left for the station. they switched to a single track mode to move around work happening on another track. 65 people were on board, three people suffered minor injuries. the derailment forced bart to shut down service for some 19 hours, and they just reopened and got things back up and running about an hour ago. those on board that train ye
. thank you for joining us. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. as you heard from frances, delays on bart that's forcing them to single track trains. that comes after an all-night effort to clear a derailment. bart's running between pleasant hill and concord. sue thompson joins us live with more. the service has been restored there and there's problems elsewhere now. sue? >> eric, that's right. service has been restored in concord but to make that happen work crews had to spend the night trying to fix that derailment into why did this happen in the first place. this derailment took place on sunday morning. ten cars were leaving the bart station. they were headed for sfo. it derailed right after they left this concord station. the operator had just switched to a single track mode and it was trying to get around other work on another track. that is when two cars came off the track. 65 people were on board at the time. three suffered minor injuries. the derailment forced bart to close down service between pittsburgh and concord stretch for some 19 hours. they did have a contingency plan in p
federal documents give us a glimpse of last fall's deadly explosion. it includes a helpless control room waiting for something to happen, something bad. abc 7's amy hollyfield is live in san bruno with the story. amy, i guess when the crew says we're screwed, that tells you something right there. >> and that's what they said, eric, sitting in milpitas as they watch the pressure go up. and for the people of this neighborhood to hear that, they're still trying to piece their lives back together. the street isn't even open yet. it's a lot to deal with. the chronicle is reporting this this morning. it says in a quote, a screwed up repair project at pg&e control station in milpitas caused the pressure levels to increase in the line serving the peninsula. there were a chain of problems because of that repair project and it all culminated in september's explosion that killed eight people. the pressure on the lines jumped and one was quoted as saying, "we've got a major, major problem in milpitas. we've overpressurized the whole peninsula." that's only one major revelation. the others reported i
of stuff. you have a lot ahead of you. >> thanks for joining us. >> topping our news, a community is facing problems with the storm. they are trying to clear a landslide that has cut off residents. amy hollyfield joins us live from scotts valley. >> reporter: they are in a hurry but they have to take another time. they don't want to trigger another rock slide. take a look at what they are dealing with. the site is about 200 to 300 feet wide. one woman caught it on her iphone. it's blocking nelson road in scotts valley. they are able to walk around it but no cars can get around it and about 25 homes are blocked is creating quite an inconvenience. >> the county seems to think it will quite a while to clear the rubble. it's a mess. i've never seen anything like this in my life. >> reporter: no one was hurt in the slide. a county geologist will try to figure out how to handle this. they want november it before the next storm rolls in. they don't want to move things so quickly they create more sliding, 57 people live in those homes in that are now blocked by all that debris. they are hoping for
the total payout bill to nearly $1.5 million with five cases still pending. >> google is using something decidedly low-tech to enhance a street view service. the mountain view based tech giant is using tricycle to take pictures. they'll be called into service where their fleet of toyota priuses can't easily roam such as hiking trails or amusement parks. they came up with the trike idea when visiting the alleys in europe. they plan to photograph private property when owners opt into the program. >> touted as vehicles of the future, the nissan leaf has just arrived in show rooms and the vote went on sale a few months ago. they hold promise but there are significant drawbacks. reviews on both cars from excuse meer reports. >> the chevrolet volt is only available on a limited basis. at "consumer reports" auto test they check out the volt which has a backup engine and a nissan leaf which is 100% electric. range or how far an electric vehicle can go on a charge is a big issue. testers found that cold weather is a problem. >> the nissan can go 100 miles on a charge. but that's an ideal conditio
and no delays at the bay bridge toll plaza. >> eric: good morning on this wednesday. thanks for joining us. i'm eric thomas. >> kristen: and i'm kristen sze. residents of its homes in the east bay city of hercules are in dire straits. they declared a state of emergency last night with eight homes on the verge of destruction due to a collapsing hillside that may be impossible to save. amy hollyfield is live in america h eric close with the latest. >> reporter: the city can now seek out state funds to help homeowners but the question is how far should they go to try to save the homes. it's more of a matter of if, not when that hillside is going to come down. it could take a series of pilings drilled into the hill that would cost $4 million to save homes that aren't worth anything close to that. one homeowner testified to the city council meeting that this is personal. he wants and needs city officials to help him. >>> i want to be in that house until i pass away. >> he really shouldn't be in there is at night. my concern is they will be asleep and the hill will move. >> i'm not going to leave m
. we have high winds, it will be a rough commute. more details coming up. >>> thanks for joining us, i'm janelle wang. >> kristen: and i'm kristen sze. don't be fooled by that. it's very heavy. let's get right to the storm watch taking a look what people saw in capitola where river water ran into homes. these are one of the communities hit hard by the storms. >> janelle: terry mcsweeney is following it in capitola but let's begin with lisa argen. >> it came down pretty good in the east bay. notice the yellows here. moderate downpours from brentwood to oakley, walnut and watch out alamo and orinda, heavier cells moving through san ramon. right around here, we are looking at 24, 680, definitely dangerous conditions out there. towards dublin, looking at more rain headed your way. daly city brisbane, santa cruz mountains and morgan hill the south bay we'll see it continue. more organized system is coming our way tomorrow. that promises maybe another inch of rain and more rain for sunday. i'll have all the details when to expect come up. >>> we've got the weather obstacles going to be in th
it it's a simply matter of barry versus a bidder. >> eric: thanks for joining us. i'm eric thomas. >> kristen: checking in with mike. >> we have rain one mornings and wind one morning and now we have both. walnut creek where some of the heavier rain is falling. they are a little bit slow in san ramon valley, concord around 7 miles an hour but santa rosa, is all above 30 miles an hour. sfo around 14. strongest storms are moving through the east bay and south bay. fremont, san jose, los altos, sunol grade, that whole area is getting the heaviest of the rain. don't let your guard down, more rain on the way. i'll have the complete forecast. >> don't let your guard down on your commute. several problem spots. new accident eastbound 80 on the lower deck of the bay bridge, treasure island blocking the left lane. flooding causing problems throughout the morning at san francisco at 280 interchange. following a sig alert in daly city due to a crash. two right lanes are blocked and will remain blocked for another half-hour. >> kristen: we are getting breaking news right now. >> eric: out of
their mouse pointing just by using their eyes. developers warned it could take a couple years for these computers to actually hit the market. the redwood city department has napped the cat burglar for the pet parade in may. dusty will become the grand marshal. animal planet unmasked him as a neighborhood thief. he's stolen hundreds of items from neighborhood yards. while they accepted the invitation there's some concern he might steal the show. >> yeah! and maybe even the convertible he'll be riding in. did you see what he did to jay leno? i missed that! >> almost every california student from kindergarten through college can expect to see some kind of protest on campus today. >> plus who gets cut first, the new criteria the area's biggest city will use to lay off workers. >> it sounds simply unbelievable, a woman holding on to the hood of a minivan for dear life. the 30 mile journey she was taken on and why the driver of that van refused to stop. >> if you're traveling we have flight arrival delays, houston has flight departures. like everywhere else, it's quiet. >> if you're
, the trans bay tube on the bay floor, we have stations underwater. so that could affect us. so what we want our passengers to do is sign up at abc7news.com or bart updates. we'll let you know if there are changes as to whether we may suspend service between daly city and west oakland bart stations. >> lindhen, i suppose it's not just as simple to make that complicated issue. >> rather be safe than sorry but at the same time we want to make sure people get to where they need to go. of course, if it's going to affect their safety, we're just not going to be responsible -- we want to be responsible to them. and that is tell them to make alternative transportation. we're trying to make that as early as possible. >> so this is frances again. we have an hour left before the 7:00 hour where you might actually stop service. we know you'll be monitoring the situation up until then. but is it possible even after 7:00 you may decide you'll stop service at that point. >> or may readjust our plans. may not be from 7:00 to 9:00, may be a little later. i hate to keep people out on a limb but text messages
week. thanks for joining us. >> kristen: topping our news, residents of eight homes in the east bay city of hercules are in dire straits. the city that is declared a state of emergency last night with eight homes on the verge of destruction due to collapsing hillside that may be impossible to save. amy hollyfield is live in hercules with the latest. >> reporter: yeah, because of that emergency, the city can not now speak state funds to help the homeowners but the question is how far should they go to save these homes. question to be a matter of if, but not when that hill is going to completely give in and come down. experts say it could take a series of pilings to drive into hit in the cost of $4 million. homeowners took the fight to the city council that this is personal and they want and need city officials to help them. >> i want to be in that house until i pass away. i want to retire. >> he really shouldn't be in there. my concern is the hill will shift. >> i'm not going leave my house. i'm going stay and fight this. >> reporter: four homes have been red tacked and two of them s
. thanks for joining us. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. get ready for heated debate when caltrain hears from the public about its cost-cutting plans. they're deeply in the red and considering the elimination of lots of runs. amy hollyfield is live at the caltrain station. this is going to make a lot of people very upset. >> very upset, eric. today's your day to speak out. do you want caltrain to cut service and increase fares. the answer is probably no but officials feel the same way and yet they're saying they still have to do it. they have to do something drastic. they've got a huge deficit. there are a list of things to do to advocate for a paramedic funding source. the only transit agency that doesn't have one. considering cutting weekday trains almost in half from 86 to 48 and eliminating service on the weekends and increasing fares. it's bad news all the way around. >> it would be a major letdown for me personally because i do ride every day, and it's important. i mean, i need it. it gets me to and from work. >> this impacts people, especially on the weekends when they're ju
the attack. good morning, everybody, thanks for i don't think us. san francisco police are investigating the shooting that left two people critically wounded outside a nightclub this morning. it happened on the 2400 block of san bruno avenue new silver just after 2:00. a man and a woman were found with gunshot wounds in front of the el toro hospital. police are gadgetting information about the suspect. no description has been released so far. spring officially begins today and the winter season is going out with ephoral storm which has knocked out power for more than 30,000 customers. let's check in with meteorologist lisa with today's forecast. >> hi. here's a live look outside. we still have gusty winds and the front has pushed through san francisco, but still downpours behind the passage of the cold front. we have a flash flood watch in effect for the santa cruz mountains and parts of the south bay until noon. the high wind warning is in effect until 6:00. you see plenty of moisture out there, especially in the north bay. the yellow indicating the heavier downpours around bridge pond
christine hanson outside. a few clouds but those are going to leave us with rain and snow. the completely forecast coming up. >> good saturday morning, everyone. i'm jenelle wang. thank you for joining us. there's a new downside to the housing market. vacate and foreclosed properties are turning into neighborhood garbage dumps. as soon as they clean up one trash yard, another pops up somewhere else. the story was first reported by the bay citizen. >> this is the horrible. richmond's triangle. >> people coming in with trucks. they dump lumber, they dump couches, everybody. >> today it's garbage next to her home, food, clothes and other trash which she says is not only ugly but unhealthy. i call them all the time. >> it's a constant battle to keep the area clean. >> how long have you lived here? >> three years. >> how long has this problem been going on? >> three years. >> she was able to complain directly to the city councilman. illegal dumping has become commonplace like this alleyway. >> the banks foreclosure homes, vacate property, alleys like this. and it's just people out there doing
heading your way later on. >> thanks for joining us. i'm carolyn tyler. the nuclear crisis is growing this morning where there is a possible meltdown. authorities now say a hydrogen bubble has formed inside the containment dome of the plant's number three reactor. a hydrogen explosion similar to what happened yesterday in the number one unit is possible. more than 170,000 people have been evacuated from an area 12 miles around the plant. the official death toll from the overall earthquake and tsunami, more than 1,000 with an estimated 10,000. >> this is an extremely serious situation and we're not out of the woods yet. >> partial meltdowns may have occurred at cue crippled reactors and they're facing serious cooling problems at three more. >> the pump, the electricity all gone because of the earthquake and the tsunami. this was not supposed to happen. >> the unusual combination of events brought japan to the brink. >> they're trying to end this crisis. it's a question of capability: can they? >> this 39-year-old school teacher says the place where i work might be contaminated so i cam
. >> eric: on monday morning, all back to work and back to school. thanks for joining us. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. as early this morning, barry bonds could be facing embarrassing testimony. terry mcsweeney has the latest. >> reporter: kimberly bell is bonds' former mistress, at least one of them. she talked with bonds about steroids use and she saw the changes including testicles getting smaller. it could prove to be an embarrassing witness and she noticed a drop-off in his sexual performance and giants clubhouse manager talking about how bonds needed a larger baseball cap. following last week's testimony, lear bowers strid the side effects. take a look at the list of these side effects introduced into court. notable items pertinent to today's testimony, smaller testicles and enlargement of extremities and increased aggressiveness and enlarged breasts. >> i wish i could say more about the case. again, from the beginning, we've tried not to comment on what takes place inside the court. >> reporter: back to the testimony. former mistress, bonds' legal team is on record the only
begin your commute you may encounter pouring rain. >> kristen: i'm kristen sze. thanks for joining us. spotty showers, it depend when you get on the road and earlier is better than later this morning. >> right now would be a good time to get out there. the showers are moving into the east bay valleys and also into the sunol grade and into the diablo range. you see the wall of water that is lining up out to our coast that is ready to move on shore. most of this is the radar bouncing off the clouds. really reset and talk about the advisories, flooding will develop around 7:00 this morning and hang around through 3:00. we'll have very gusty winds outside of the santa clara valley, east bay valleys and north bay valleys. you saw amy hollyfield out there how breezy it was. high surf from 5:00 until 9:00 tomorrow evening. it will come out of the north-northwest at about 15-18 feet. how much rain you'll get but here is sue with the traffic. >> we have flooding in san leandro this morning from overnight rain and the two left lanes are blocked. southbound 880 between davis street and marina bo
into a guardrail. >> it's 6:01. thank you so much for joining us. i'm eric thomas. >> and i'm kristen sze. a fellow home run hitter is on deck on the barry bonds perjury trial. local baseball fans know him well. jason giambi after embarrassing testimony from bonds former mistress. terry mcsweeney is live at federal courthouse. >> giambi and borndz have a lot in common. both major league ballplayers. the difference is bonds is facing prison time for what he told that federal jand jury. take a look at jason gibi when he was playing for the oakland a's. she still place for the colorado rockies. he told a grand jury that he used steroids and he apologized for using them and he got them from greg anderson who the prosecution said sold them to barry bonds as well as to many other ballplayers. yesterday bonds' former mistress kimberly bell was telling a different kind of story that bonds talked about using steroids and that bonds developed acne had his hair fall out. bonds talked about using steroids could be critical to the trial. >> the first time that we heard direct testimony about barry's state of mi
. more of us are experiencing some and we have a 15-20 degree cooling trend for the weekend. >> good morning, i'm sue hall. we have a stalled oversized vehicle westbound 80. we'll follow that and all the morning commute. >>> weather has been like a rollercoaster. i'm eric thomas. >> and i'm kristen sze. the top story, san pablo city council says an emergency meeting to appeal for the governor for help. residents have been evacuated since last week. amy hollyfield is live in san pablo with the next step. >> check out behind me the family basketball hoop has been replaced by an enormous crane in the front yard. his home is truly not a home anymore. backyards have disappeared and fallen off on wyman street in san pablo and chunks of the hill landed on hillcrest road. greenhouses houses have been yellow-tagged. this all started last thursday when the rainstorm hit hard. last night they held a private meeting to talk about what is. >> the slide repair we're estimating about $5 million. so the cost of repair, that is beyond the capability of the city of san pablo. we're reaching out for st
the ground, slowdown, use the windshields, absolutely. didn't have the breezes. coming out of the west about 10 mph. live doppler 7 hd, you can see how rather quiet it is so it's not a widespread area of light rain or drizzle but just pockets here and there. we've had 400ths in petaluma. one-one hundredths in san jose. starting to shrink around the santa clara valley. i expect us to see some sunshine this afternoon. so it's basically a morning event. but it may be causing some problems. frances following a couple accidents. >> definitely if you're heading through the altamont pass. originally reported eastbound 580. but the chp arrived, it's westbound 580 in the commute direction. a big rig accident is blocking a couple lanes. traffic is already jammed westbound from 205 to the scene. and the chp has issued a sigalert which means it's going to be out there at least a half hour or more. so that's gonna cause big delays out of the altamont pass and we'll have drive times coming up shortly. the other thing you need to look out for is very thick fog in pacifica along highway 1 and highway 35. vi
, sort of scribbles on it saying kill all dogs. and so that certainly takes us out of the world of being something accidental. fortunately there have been no reported injuries to any of the dogs. >> police have posted signs to warn people that this is going on. they say this park is very popular. the dogs run around off-leash. all the owners know all the dogs' names. they're hoping everyone will look out for each other and all the animals they know so well. they don't have leads but crime scene investigators are taking a close look at the rat poison boxes. they ask if you know anything to please call police. if you see another box lying out here, definitely call it in. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> all right, amy, thank you. one of the east bay's largest school districts is bracing for another round of job cuts. the mount diablo voted to send layoff notices to dozens of teachers and other employees next week. terry mcsweeney is live in concord. terry, they had another proposed surprise for folks last night. >> yeah. they are talking about shortening the school year by five, maybe six we
typical start. a mineyor backup for the cash-paying lanes. >> it's 6:00 exactly. thank you for joining us this tuesday morning. i'm kristen. topping our news, stunning twist in the jaycee dugard kidnapping and sexual bondage case. phillip and nancy garrido say the couple had given stunning admissions and were individually offered plea deals. amy hollyfield is live in antioch with major developments from yesterday's court hearing. amy? >> jaycee dugard was held captive in this house behind me for 18 years. the neighbors on this street don't feel any sympathy at all for nancy and phillip garrido but that's what they're hoping for in court. nancy and phillip have now confessed to the kidnapping of jaycee dugard. nancy's attorney now believes his client deserves leniency even though she is the one that literally grabbed jay see from her south tahoe neighborhood 20 years ago. she was held captive where phillip garrido would sexually assault her and had two daughters with her and he sometimes videotaped the attacks. nancy was said to be a mother figure under phillip garrido's power and she shou
ponding on the roadway. this afternoon, mid to upper 50s. heaviest and steadiest rain is behind us or will be behind us by about 9:00. showers in the forecast during the afternoon hours. heavier rain coming comes in tonight through tomorrow. that is where we can see more mudslides, hail and even flooding. >> to give you an idea, video of a large puddle right near the embarcadero about 25 feet around deep water. not the morning to be in a rush. let's get a live picture of the san mateo bridge, a wind advisory in effect for the san mateo bridge, the richmond-san rafael bridge and bay bridge. both hands on the wheel. allow extra time and if you are thinking of heading to the sierra, we do have chains required on 50, 80 and 88. live picture of 80 at truckee, there is snow on the road. >> kristen: it's 5:10. >> still ahead the political donations that are raising conflict of interest questions in oakland. >> and in this store they measure from here to here. that is no good. >> kristen: why you may want to double check your luggage before your next trip. >> eric: steve jobs talks about t
. thanks for joining us. i'm kristen sze. >> janelle: i'm janelle wang. let's check in with lisa argen. >> we are still looking at pretty good rain especially into the east bay. here we have a rain-snow mix around mount st. helena but the heavier rain is from the south to east. from antioch and concord and walnut creek, very heavy rain here. westward into berkeley, if you are heading in right now trying to get over the bay bridge, you are coming into rain in san francisco. this will continue to shift to the east around san leandro, the peninsula, 280, san bruno and more wet weather into the south bay. it won't be raining all day but tomorrow, that is another storm we'll talk about a bit later. >> janelle: we've got high wind advisories for all the bridges and richmond-san rafael bridges, no rvs or empty trucks. an accident coming, westbound 80 and fremont street. blocking lanes, blocking the right lane. no "h" train service at all. a rockslide and getting conflicting reports and no bus bridge for "h" train commuters. there is the san mateo bridge where there is a wind advisory in effec
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